Army Ordnance Museum

Historicaly located at the Aberdeen Proving Ground, the US Army Ordnance Museum in Maryland has been ordered up for transfer to Ft Lee Virginia.

The mission of the Ordnance Museum is to obtain historically important equipment. Among the pieces of equipment safeguarded and shown are a variety of weapons and documentations that are directly pertinent to US Army Ordnance Corps history. The Museum is also vested with the task of demonstrating how weaponry has changed over the years, and how specific pieces came into being.The many holdings of the museum can be dated back as far as Colonial Settlements.

The Ordnance Museumfirst opened to the public in 1924. The first displays were to show off enemy equipment.Its original location was in Building 314 on the Aberdeen Proving Ground. The operation and maintenance of the Museum was under the responsibility of the US Army from its inception in 1919 until 1967. The location was ideal for access to the weaponry brough to APG for testing and development after WWI.

It was in 1965 that the local community developed the tax-free Ordnance Museum foundation.The purpose was to make the weaponry and equipment at the Aberdeen grounds available to the general public. This Foundation had no connection with the Army or the Department of Defense. The actual Museum came under the operation of the Foundation in the early 1970's. They still run the Museum to this day.

September 2010 saw the closing of the Museum in order to effectuate its relocation. The outdoor part of the museum can still be viewed 7 days a week form 9am until 445pm. In order to access the displays one must acquire a Visitor's Pass from the East Gate of the base. One must have documentation for their vehicle and themselves before entry will be granted.

The Museum will still function under the Ordnance Foundation. Attheir new location there will be a 300,000 square foot facility bto hold all the tanks, equipment, and weaponry. Among some of the many tanks and weapons that will be available for viewing are German, French and British WWII tanks, and Italian tank destroyers. There will also be a variety of Japanese and Soviet tanks from WWII for the public to view. On some of the tanks, there have been parts of the side of the tank grafted out and covered with mesh. This will allow the public to view the inside of the tank as well.

The M20 utility car and the M53 self-propelled 155mm gun will also be at the museum for all to see. Other available artillery pieces that will also be on display will include the US M65 Atomic Cannon, the German Krup K5 Railway gun, and the Soviet 152mm Howitzer gun. The crown piece of the munitions end of the exhibits includes the T12. This was the largest ever built conventional bomb. This specific piece of the munitions display is the crowning piece to the whole museum. It stands majestically outside the entrance for all to see.

This website is only informational about the topic Ordnance Museum and stands in no relation with the Foundation nor the U.S. Army.

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